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Welcome to My Restaurant

Business Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday
4:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Closed on Mondays
130 Chicago Avenue
Bandon, OR 97411

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Primavera Board

Fresh zucchini cooked with extra virgin olive oil and aged parmesan served with artichokes, mixed olives, roasted tomato & fresh sliced mozzarella.

Il Contadino Board

Thinly sliced prosciutto & salami with mixed cheese and olives.

Angelo's Cheese board

A mix of fresh mozzarella, brie, aged pecorino and parmesan served with salami, fresh tomato and assorted olives.

Bruschetta Classica

Fresh tomatoes and basil in olive oil dressing over crispy roasted garlic bread.

Bruschetta Napoli

Thin sliced prosciutto and anchovies baked over melted fresh mozzarella on toasted garlic bread.

Bruschetta Boscaiola

Mushrooms and sausage baked over fresh melted mozzarella on toasted garlic bread.

Spinaci alla Fiorentina

Organic Spinach steamed and cooked in buttery cream sauce and sprinkled with aged parmesan.

Fried zucchini

Fresh, organic zucchini fried in Extra virgin olive oil and garlic and sprinkled with aged parmesan.


A delicate soup pf freshly chopped seasonal vegetables topped with parmesan.

Pasta e Fagioli

A traditional Italian red bean soup with potatoes and carrots.

Insalata Primavera

Fresh mixed organic greens, fresh sliced tomatoes & cucumbers dressed with extra virgin olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon and sea salt.

Insalata Romana

A traditional Roman salad. Fresh organic arugula with flakes of aged parmesan lightly dressed with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Insalata Greca

Mixed organic greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and feta cheese dressed with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt & balsamic vinegar.

Insalata Caprese

Fresh sliced tomatoes and mozzarella dressed with basil leaves extra virgin oil and sea salt.


Marinara sauce and mozzarella.


Marinara sauce, mozzarella & anchovies.


Marinara sauce, mozzarella, artichokes, anchovies, boiled egg, prosciutto and mushrooms.

Quattro Stagioni

Marinara sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, sausage, mushrooms and artichoke hearts.

Quattro Formaggi

Mozarrela, mushrooms with asiago, Parmesan and Gorgonzola cheese.


Marinara sauce, mozzarella & sliced pepperoni.

Spaghetti with meatballs

Our freshly made lean beef meatballs are cooked slowly all afternoon in homemade bolognese sauce with spaghetti al dente.

Rigatoni Matriciana

Traditional dish from Matrice in the Abruzzi mountains. Our real Italian sausages (not spicy) are cooked slowly for hours in homemade marinara sauce, served with rigatoni al dente.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Lean ground beef slowly cooked in marinara sauce, served with spaghetti al dente.


La Carbonara (The Coal Lady), cooked this unique pasta favorite on the run for 1 Carbonara, Roman carters of coal, who led the rebellion against the papal states in the 1700s. A sauce of freshly beaten egg yoke, fried panchetta, onions & extra virgin olive oil is poured to cook over steaming hot spaghetti al dente. Angelo recommends a touch of freshly ground pepper.

Penne Arrabbiata

Rumor has it that a Napolitan housewife added extra chile peppers to the recipe for her cheating husband, thus the name 'angry penne'. He loved this spicy marinara sauce which became an Italian classic.

Pollo alla Parmigiana

Chicken parmesan hot from the oven served with penne pasta in marinara sauce.

Macaroni and cheese

Hey Kidz, our man n cheese is made from scratch with real cheese.

Penne al Gorgonzola

A delicious creamy Gorgonzola sauce over penne al dente.

Fettucine Alfredo style

Fettucine means small ribbons (of pasta). Angelo's comment: "Who is this Alfredo fellow?" This creamy sauce with chicken was originally called pasta Fiorentina before Alfredo put his name on it.

Tortellini ai Quattro Formaggi

Four Italian Cheeses melted together in a creamy sauce over a generous portion of fresh tortellini pasta.

Ravoli a Quattro Formaggi

Angelo's four cheese sauce over cheese filled fresh ravioli.

Risotto alla Milanese

Creamy risotto with Saffron, sausage and mushrooms.

Pasta al Pesto

Fresh homemade Pesto over your choice of pasta (when available).

Spaghetti alle Vongole

Fresh clams in an extra virgin olive oil and garlic sauce on spaghetti.

Saute di Cozze

Fresh mussels with marinara sauce on pasta.

Ravoli ai Granchi

Ravioli with crab meat in a cream sauce.

Ravioli all'Aragosta

Ravioli with lobster filling in a cream sauce.

Fettucine Alfredo con gamberetti

Alfredo style with shrimp.

Pasta Mare

Mixed sea foods simmered in marinara sauce served on spaghetti.

Risotto mare with vodka

Mixed sea foods simmered in a creamy pink sauce.

Cioppino Soup

(Zuppa de pesce) Mixed sea food in tasty marinara with clams, mussels etc., served with toasted bread.

Tagliata fiorentina

8oz. Certified Black Angus grass feed Florentine style with Spinach Butter and Parmesan.

Lamb steak

Farm raised, grass feed Lamb grilled and served with creamy Risotto.

Meat Lasagna

Fresh lasagna pasta with Bolognese sauce and mozzalella topped with parmesan cheese.

Vegetable Lasagna

Fresh lasagna with mixed organic vegetable and mozzarella topped with parmesan cheese.

Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Organic sliced eggplants with our special marinara sauce and mozzarella topped with parmesan cheese.



Canoli Siciliani

Limoncello or Strawberry tiramisu

Verdicchio (Marche)

White Wine

Murgo (Napoli)

White Wine

Pinot Grigio (Veneto)

White Wine

Cavit Moscato (Sweet from Trento)

White Wine

Courtaki Retzina (Greece)

White Wine

Prosecco (Sparkling small bottle)

White Wine

Chiaretto (Lago di Garda)


Chianti Classico (Tuscany)

Red Wine

Dolcetto (Piemonte)

Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon (Romagna)

Red Wine

Valpolicella (Garda)

Red Wine

Barbera Fontanafredda (Piemonte)

Red Wine

Merlot (Trentino)

Red Wine

Greco di tufo (White from Napoli)

Special Wine

Barbaresco (Red from Piemonte)

Special Wine

Brunello di Maontalcino (Red from Tuscany)

Special Wine

Moretti Classics (Inported from Italy)


Moretti Red (Imported from Italy)


Peroni (Imported from Italy)




Coors Light


Pyramid (wheat unfiltered)


Sierra Nevada




Amaro Fernet Branca

Vin Santo

Coca Cola Drinks

San Pellegrino Italian Drinks


Ice Tea or Hot Tea

Italian Cappuccino or Espresso

Portobello Mushroom Ravioli

Ravioli with Portobello mushroom filling, served with cream sauce

Fettuccine ai Scampi

Sauteed prawns in olive oil, wine and cherry tomatoes over Fettuccine pasta


Amaretto di Saronno

Appetizer boards


Cooked Organic Greens




Angelo's Pasta Favorites

Dal Mare (From the sea)

From the Grill

From the Oven


White Wine


Red Wine

Special DOC Wine


Liquor - Italian Imports (Shot Glass)


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